The easy answer is that for over 30 years,  I've been about teaming up with clients to create content that can distinguish itself from the clutter out there.  I want to understand your organization and your message, and work with you to deliver that message with impact.


So that's the business part. But there's a lot more. 


I'm about fairness, practicality, and rational thinking.  I also believe in the power of the abstract.  Not that I really know what that means. But I believe in it. 


I'm a family man.  Respect, appreciation, and good manners mean a great deal to me.            And with kids, silliness whenever possible.  We need more of that as adults. 


I love sports, especially my hometown Detroit Tigers and the rest of the teams from the Motor City....even the Lions.    The baseball season also means Duckball, a rotisserie league that my Video Clippers team has been fortunate enough to win a couple of times. Below, you can see the celebration after my 2013 win.  One of my life's greatest thrills. 


I play hockey regularly,  and driveway basketball or touch football when I get together with nieces and nephews.  Add in Euchre and board games, and that's as much fun to me as anything I can think of. 


Movies and TV are important to me.  Watching them, reading about them, and discussing them takes up way too much of my time.  Sure, 95% of what's on TV is crap.  But with new distribution models that support smaller audiences,  what we still call "TV" is now a mixed bag of broadcasting, cable channels and streaming services that allow me to watch what I want, when I want - and the quality and quantity of available programming has never been better.


If you're ever within earshot of me when The Beatles or any "classic rock" song comes on the radio, you'll probably hear me singing.   My daughters have also helped me to appreciate Taylor Swift and Macklemore, but thankfully I don't know all the lyrics.


Podcasts are a miracle.  I never stop being amazed at the diverse selection of compelling, educational, and entertaining content that just magically appears on my phone every week.  


OK, I'm about done. Your turn. 

The Sweetest Thing

After a 15-year drought, in 2013 I finally won my second championship in Duckball, a rotisserie baseball league.   As a reward, I was doused with Yoo-Hoo chocolate drink while wearing the famous Green Jacket. It was glorious. And the glory was even sweeter because my daughter Natasha shared the experience with me.