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  Through years of viewing, we've been trained to have certain expectations about local

commercials for car dealers, retailers, restaurants, and other businesses.

In my opinion, the most successful spots both meet and defy those expectations.  

Creating memorable TV spots for a local market  is a unique challenge - and a lot of fun.  


Soaring Eagle Casino 

Graphics created and animated by Larry Melton from script and logo art provided by casino.

Written, directed, shot and edited by Larry Melton 

for O & O Advertising

Northwestern Home Furnishings

Produced, shot and edited by Larry Melton.  

Creative by Eddie Bullinger, LEAD Marketing Agency

Brann's Restaurants
Shoreline Vision

Written, produced, shot and edited by Larry Melton 

for O & O Advertising.

Silver Bullet Firearms

Produced, shot and edited by Larry Melton.

Creative concept by Wynott Advertising.

Soaring Eagle Waterpark & Hotel

Written, shot and edited by Larry Melton 

for Migizi Economic Development

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