Video is the most powerful and versatile communication tool available for business today. Whether you're showcasing a a new product, displaying corporate capabilities, training or communicating with employees, telling your story through well-crafted images and sound commands attention and evokes emotion like nothing else. 

Open Systems Technology: Culture of Innovation

A look at what makes OST a unique and innovative IT company.  

Conceived, produced, shot, and edited by Larry Melton. 

Flexsteel Distribution

A glimpse into the Flexsteel Distribution center in Edgerton, Kansas for 

new employee orientation.  Produced, shot & edited by Larry Melton

for Pyatt & Associates. 

Star Truck Rentals

Star Truck Rentals has provided transportation solutions for more than 100 

years.  Content development by Mike Firlik. Shot and edited by Larry Melton.  

Crystal Flash Energy

Every day, homes, farms, schools and businesses depend on Crystal Flash

Conceived, produced, shot and edited by Larry Melton. 

Pocket by Steelcase Nurture

Introducting Pocket. Quiet, innnovative, and always ready for work. Concept by Nurture. Produced, shot, and edited by Larry Melton.

My Meijer Story - Hank Meijer

One of over 30 Meijer Stories produced, shot, and edited by Larry Melton for the Meijer Heritage Center.